WCM Firm Delivers Results

What Clients Are Saying About WCM Firm:

"I utilized WCM Firm because as a new business owner, I did not know where to turn to prepare projections and an in depth business plan. After my meetings with the consultant, I had a plan that was comprehensive and allowed me the edge I needed when meeting with SBA and my bank to get the financing to open our new location. Our loan was approved and we opened our new location in August. We will continue to utilize the experts at WCM Firm as we train our new employees and help them understand the culture we are building within our organization."
Tiffany Gregory, CEO, Right Start Academy

"The Employee Relations Training that WCM Firm delivered was effective and relevant. The evaluations showed that the information provided would be immediately applicable in their roles and added value. Participants mentioned that they had a better understanding as the training presented real life examples."
- Anonymous, Government Agency

"The consultants at WCM Firm helped us identify the different personalities of our senior leadership team by facilitating the MBTI assessment. Once we identified how each person on the team made decisions and analyzed information we were able to utilize and leverage our individual strengths to help our team. This training has increased workplace performance, customer satisfaction scores and our ability to communicate effectively when conflict arises."
- Larry Harris, President, SRSolutions

"WCM Firm does our annual team retreat. It allows our team to break down barriers and walls that we have in our office environment and really get to know one another. In addition to having fun through horse back riding, white water rafting and scavenger hunts we learn how to negotiate, compromise and build a better team commitment which last throughout the year!"
- Tom Briar, Managing Partner, NCB