Wilson Capital Management is your partner from Business Planning to Succession Planning. Our team is experienced and we differentiate our firm by being able to offer tailored services for each client as we understand each organization has different concerns and thus require services that match their unique set of circumstances.

Team Building

Our consultants focus on building effective and efficient teams by fostering collaboration, camaraderie, team trust, communication, negotiation skills, decision making, critical thinking, and communication.  This is done by instilling passion through motivating the individuals to the common goal.  Our consultants coach leaders to focus on the beliefs of employees to inspire their behaviors.  The results of our time spent with your organization will be better team performance, increased profitability, satisfied customers and elevated employee morale by inspiring a shared vision.

During team building discussions with senior managers, our consultants can assess personality traits to identify if the right people are in the right roles.  Our consultants also examine the organizations talent management process and reward and recognition program as a key component to succession planning and ensuring the right people are being recruited and retained.  If you are looking for improved working relations within your organization, Wilson Capital Management, Inc. (WCM) can help.

Most important, senior executives walk away with a team who has a sense of renewed commitment, loyalty and excitement about the organization!

Executive Coaching

Our consultants realize that effective leaders are those that can quickly identify their strengths and weaknesses and leverage the resources needed to continue to develop their own talent, WCM helps you get there.  Our consultants will peel the layers and introduce you to self discovery that is beneficial and eye opening.  Our consultants help you to evaluate where small modifications can lead to major impacts.  Our consultants help with image, branding, confidence building and leveraging relationships.  By providing sincere, honest and valuable feedback we help you get to the core of your limitations.  After working with a consultant you will become media ready, comfortable speaking in front of large groups and more confident about having impromptu conversations.  WCM differentiates our coaching by pairing you with a mentor or identifying a mentor that mirrors where you are going and where you want to be.


Leadership Development: Our consultants will help your organization develop a cohesive mentoring program. In addition, our consultants help you identify employees and train them to be prepared to take key roles within your organization as part of a strategic succession planning.

Business Development: Our consultants can be contracted by your company to execute your sales strategy and assist your organization grow your business. In addition, we help you understand and create a successful marketing plan. We help you get results!


Our consultants help organizations maximize employee productivity and performance through measurement tools and training coursework. Our instructional design consultants can update and enhance current training materials or design new instructional materials tailored to the current needs of your organization.

We specialize in sales training and business development training. Our goal is to ensure that your sales professionals are prepared to identify cross sell opportunities, uncover client needs and bridge gaps between what the client needs and what your organization can offer to create solutions.

Strategic Planning

Where is your organization going? How do you get there? Our consultants are dedicated to gathering and analyzing data by beginning with a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) analysis. Our consultants facilitate strategic planning sessions with executive management to ensure that Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and behaviors of the organization align with the mission, values and goals. If you are looking for a results oriented performance culture where accountability is measured thorugh performance evaluations and standard metrics for all employees, our consultants will design tools that your company will utilize to ensure measurable and unbiased ratings.

Financial Planning
In depth business plans include financial planning focused on projections, industry analysis, competitors studies, business risks and competitive advantages.

Assessment Tools

Our consultants are able to assess organizational effectiveness by utilizing some of the following:

Gap Barometrics

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI®)

360 Feedback

Emotional Intelligence

Conflict Inventory

Time Management

Leadership Impact

Strong Interest Inventory®

Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument (TKI)

We also offer tailored surveys, focus groups and assessments to uncover issues of concern within your organization.

Human Resources and Outsourcing

Our team offers outsourcing in the form of administration and management.  We will be your one stop for all HR needs.  Our team can provide a HR rep to be at your office daily, weekly or as needed. We have the ability to replace your entire HR division.

Diversity and Inclusion

At WCM, Inc we are passionate about inclusion. Our consultants understand that inclusion and diversity in ideas create diversity in products, people, services and markets. Our team will help your organization understand how to leverage diversity and inclusion to drive business performance and increase revenues. Investing in your people makes good business sense. An inclusive environment ensures engaged employees, innovative teams and a global prospect market.
WCM, Inc is ready to assist your organization implement a vibrant and inclusive work environment.

Executive Search Services

Our team will ensure that you hire and retain the most qualified and brightest talent. Let our consultants handle your search from beginning to end. Our services include thorough screenings, interview analysis and scoring, support through negotiation phase and background/reference checks.

Meeting/Retreat Facilitation

Our consultants design, organize and facilitate effective meetings. We have mastered the ability to keep participants engaged, informed and excited. Our consultants create a safe, interactive environment where participants feel comfortable to share information allowing organizations to eliminate the disconnect between senior management, employees and clients. Our consultants help remove barriers like silos, experience levels and cultural differences by embracing diversity and leveraging the uniqueness of individuals in the meeting to enhance the group dynamics. By removing the team from a familiar environment we encourage individuals to open up and be receptive to new ideas and feedback.

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