About Us

Wilson Capital Management Inc. (WCM) was established in 2000 with the goal of igniting and inspiring positive change.  Our consultants are business leaders with several years of practical experience.  Our team is comprised of diverse backgrounds, which include: legal, banking, technology, human resources, nonprofit and entrepreneurs.  Our consultants capitalize on their experience to coach clients to be strategic thinkers, creative leaders, and calculated with their approach in executing on plans of action. The WCM team has been successful by embracing a systems thinking approach, where we combine analysis and synthesis, with a holistic viewpoint to solving complex challenges.  We pride ourselves on having an advisory style that is very “hands on” at a granular level throughout the execution of a strategic plan to ensure success.

WCM offers assistance to organizations by focusing on strategic and tactical planning, examining organizational processes and improving workplace performance.

If you are ready to build effective, passion led and high performing teams, then you have come to the right place!  We increase employee morale by having fun and coaching a big picture approach to answer "why are we here"?  Our team building events, organizational retreats, personality assessments and planning sessions are just a few ways that we begin transforming good organizations into great organizations.

Our Consultants

At Wilson Capital Management, our consultants are senior executives, human resource professionals, entrepreneurs, IT professionals and practicing attorneys who have over thirty years of experience consulting clients in the areas of:  leadership development, change management, human resource, law, legal contracting, strategic planning, organizational culture, diversity, executive coaching, training and development, conflict resolution, motivating and instilling passion, realignment and succession planning.  The strength of our consultants is the keen ability to utilize data constructed from organizations and apply methods that have already been tested for validity, allowing quick solutions that work and help your organization overcome obstacles.  Our consultants have been recognized for their charismatic personalities, passion driven results, ability to empower teams, and attention to details.  The partnership we develop with your organization is long term and ongoing.  We become apart of your team so that our guidance is in tune with the culture of your organization.

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